Nudemutant needs a new website


This is long overdue. and have served their purpose well, but they should have been retired at least two years ago. I see them now as middle-aged men sporting bad combovers, struggling to look hip and current in a landscape that has shifted wildly around them.

Poor chaps. Heck, the portfolio site isn’t even responsive.


  • The portfolio site isn’t even responsive
  • I am paying down code debt (and maintenance costs) on two websites
  • Neither gets updated very often

We could easily identify more problems, but 3 seems like a good start for now. I’d rather talk about the things I want to achieve:


  • Learn a new UI framework (Bootstrap, Foundation 6, etc)
  • Learn git
  • Have a single, exceptional website to showcase my skills and interests (coding, drawing, writing)

This post is the first step towards aligning my current trajectory toward these goals.


“Let’s do it!”

– Dave Gilbertson